Before You Buy Another Ad or

Join Another Training Program...


Design and position your business for it's UNIQUE VALUE!

  • Find the audience that is looking for you!

  • Clarify your message to cut through the noise and help you stand out in the crowd!

  • Feel confident charging what your work is worth!

 Your Extraordinary Business Is Waiting!

And your Inner Wisdom will be your guide

I'll share how I successfully designed the business of my dreams even though:

                                              • I'm over 50

                                              • My market was saturated and

                                              • I didn't have industry experience


This webinar is perfect for the:

  • Coach, Consultant, or Entrepreneur:  Who's impact-driven, but having trouble defining a niche that feels right and stands out.
  • Empty Nester: Who's trying to decide what to do next, now that the kids are gone.
  • Accomplished-but-Empty: Who's killing it at work, but not feeling much satisfaction. 
  • Legacy Builder: Who's called to leave an impact, but is not sure how. 

Here's What You'll Learn in the Webinar


  • The #1 avoidable mistake when defining a niche 

  • How AGE is your ally

  • How ALREADY have everything you need

  • The unexpected place your unique business blueprint resides 

I'll Be Your Guide!

For the past 15 years I have been building and refining this work. It's a proprietary process that invites your spirit into full expression in your business.  I've shared these principles with audiences around the globe. But, the Business Design Lab pulls specific elements together with you in mind. It's for energetic, accomplished women who are ready to use the gifts they already posses to create an EXTRAORDINARY business - on their terms.


I hope you join us!

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Starting new venture


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Redesigning Business Niche


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